The skilled Tema Vessel Division provided with three different vessel packages to support oil productivity: a water treatment package, a de-oiling hydrocyclone package and a stand-alone sand collection vessel.

The bespoke Water Treatment Package consists of four de-sanding hydro-cyclone vessels to separate the sand from water. The custom built de-oiling hydrocyclone package contains one de-oiling hydro-cyclone vessel. These vessel packages were manufactured to improve the efficiency of extracting and processing the oil.

The experienced team at Tema Group manufactured the vessels to a high quality standard with Duplex S31803. The vessels were skid mounted and have been completed with 316L and carbon steel piping.

A one-off individual Sand Collection Vessel manufactured in accordance with ASME VIII Div 1 U-Stamped, completes the vessel packages.

The vessels were all delivered by air freight to the offshore platform.