18th March 2020 –

 Following the announcement by the World Health Organisation that COVID-19 has been confirmed as a pandemic, Tema Group has taken preliminary steps, and implemented a specific Business Continuity Plan in order to continue to function as safely and efficiently as possible.

The plan, which is based around current UK government guidelines, is primarily in place to protect the health and safety of Tema Groups employees, clients and suppliers, but also to ensure continued operation of the business.

Plans are in place to facilitate the remote working of office staff, whilst ensuring that our workshop staff are fully supported, and we believe our robust approach will allow us to meet all of current obligations, and do not foresee our ability to take on further work.

We aim to maintain our current service levels where possible, however we acknowledge that due to restrictions on the movement of goods and people, and due to the projected number of people who will suffer sickness and be required to self-isolate, there will be likely delays within our supply chain, and an effect on our own resources

We will work closely with our clients and suppliers over this difficult period. However, if you have any concerns with regard our continuity of service, and would like any further information on our continuity planning, please get in touch with your usual contact at Tema.